How to Hire the Best Fintech Content Writers (8 Easy Steps)

Fintech content writers

Finding talented, qualified fintech content writers isn’t easy, given the required knowledge it takes to craft compelling content based on technical topics. It’s a difficult profile to hire for.

Fortunately, it’s not impossible to find a good fintech content writer if you follow some basic hiring steps. That’s why we created this guide on hiring the best fintech content writer without wasting a ton of time and money.

Why Fintech Companies Need the Best Content Writers

There’s a growing demand from fintech companies to find fintech writers who can help them create content on a regular basis. A big challenge in the digital marketing space is ensuring your business is always engaging customers and prospects. And the best way to do that in the information age is with awesome fintech content, which requires awesome fintech content writers.

The growth of the content marketing space from 2023 to 2027 is expected to be over 16.3% per year. That shows how much attention is being placed on content writing and publishing, and you can bet that’s no different for fintech companies.

Competition in the digital marketing space is already fierce, and the most effective weapon is content. Having a strong content strategy is important, but without high-quality fintech writers and fintech copywriters, your company will have a tough time.

When looking to hire a content writer for your fintech company, you need to consider these key factors:

  • Do they have the right skills and expertise?
  • Is your job description going to attract good fintech writers?
  • Are you using the correct channels to source quality candidates?
  • How are you evaluating your fintech writers?
  • Are other skills outside of writing important?
  • Does your fintech content writer have good references and credentials?
  • How dialed in is your onboarding process?
  • What are you doing to motivate and retain your fintech writer?

Answering these questions is incredibly important when hiring the best fintech writer. Your goal should be to find, hire, and retain the best talent so you can publish high-quality content based on your content strategy. Let’s dive into this now.

How to Hire the Best Fintech Content Writers

Whether you’re looking to hire a freelance fintech writer, fintech copywriter, or simply an SEO writer, following these steps will get you there regardless of your fintech niche.

Now let’s dive right into each of the eight steps it takes to hire good fintech writers.

1. Identify the Skill Set and Expertise Needed

The absolute first step is understanding the exact needs of your fintech company. Do you want to beef up your blog? Does your website copy need a refresh? Are you trying to enable a digital transformation within your financial services company?

From there, define the required skill set of your fintech writers. Writing a blog post or two, some website copywriting, working on social media content, press releases, articles, white papers, or other valuable content. Nailing this down is extremely important since content creators often specialize.

Now you have to ask: what domain knowledge do they need? Understanding the financial technology industry, as well as the financial services industry and tech industry individually, is probably important. Depending on your company’s offer, this will vary.

2. Craft a Compelling Job Description for Fintech Writers

Now that you know what you’re looking for, it’s now time to go on the hunt. Maybe you plan on recruiting for the role, or maybe you plan on simply posting a job ad. Either way, you want to do it right.

LinkedIn freelance fintech writer

The most important part of this is to properly highlight what makes your fintech business unique. You also need to ensure you outline the key responsibilities and expectations of your freelance writer. Also, how qualified do they need to be, and what experience are you looking for?

Ensuring your writer has a background in fintech and writing is obviously the most important, so make it known that you’re looking for subject matter experts who can seamlessly take part in your fintech content creation process.

3. Source High-Quality Fintech Writing Candidates

Time to post on job boards and ideally within writing communities. This is where writers are looking for work, so understanding how to leverage these correctly will make all the difference.

If you’re trying to hire an in-house writer, you’ll want to post your job on freelance platforms like Upwork, social media like Facebook and LinkedIn, and anywhere where freelance writers spend their time.

Otherwise, you’ll want to contact a content writing agency that can connect you with your ideal candidate. This will be more of an investment, but the time and energy you’ll save is immeasurable.

4. Evaluate Your Fintech Writer Candidates

Crafting compelling long-form and short-form content from complex topics isn’t easy, especially for the fintech industry. That’s why being able to properly evaluate your candidate’s writing skills is very important.

Any writer, whether they’re an SEO writer, a copywriter, or a blog writer, should have a portfolio of writing samples to share with you. Finding their content, including articles, website copy, or any other content marketing project, should be easy. This should help you determine their ability to write about finance, technology, and the intersection of both.

Once you find a good candidate, make sure you speak to them, whether through a simple online meet-and-greet or a proper interview. Also, give them a paid writing assignment so you can evaluate their expertise, whether they communicate in a timely manner, how long it takes them to deliver, etc.

5. Look Beyond Writing Skills

Any business owner knows that you need more than technical skills; you also need people skills, time management skills, and communication skills. This is especially true if your new team member is going to be in contact with clients or customers.

You want to evaluate a few qualities during the interview and writing assignment processes:

  • Ability to communicate and collaborate
  • Willingness to learn
  • Adaptability
  • Culture fit
  • Ability to meet deadlines and work under pressure

Can they write? Good. Can they deliver and fit well within your business? Even better.

6. Double Check References and Credentials

Your top focus should be finding someone who can produce great content that ideally drives sales. To do that, you should make sure they’ve done that in the past, and they say who they say they are.

A good writer in the financial technology space should be sharing testimonials and references. With that information, you can contact their previous clients or employers and see how they helped in their fintech content marketing efforts. Check out their online presence for some of this info, including social media, portfolio sites, and/or published blogs.

In my opinion, educational background and certifications are less important than demonstrable writing samples. Being able to write about the latest and emerging trends means going beyond credentials. However, it can be a plus if they have in-depth academic knowledge in your exact industry, like in the finance and/or technology space.

7. Have a Good Onboarding Processes

If you want your content writer to create content that hits with your audience, then you need to have your processes dialed in. This includes having the right technology and content management system integrated into your business operations.

Whether you hire a fintech writer or fintech copywriter, ensuring they know exactly how best to communicate and share resources is pivotal. You also want to ensure they know the correct style guidelines, tone of voice standards, content formats, SEO strategies to implement, topic suggestions, case studies to include, and anything else.

We Write Fintech style guide

Here’s what a basic onboarding process looks like this:

  • Have them sign an NDA and statement of work (SOW) document
  • Add them to your professional workspaces, like Slack, Dropbox, HubSpot, etc.
  • Share with them all resources they need to write effectively
  • Have them join at least one call to meet the team

Most businesses don’t do this. Instead, they communicate 100% over email and keep their contractors or freelancers at a distance. If you want to create great content that speaks to your customers through your brand, create an onboarding process.

8. Retain and Motivate Your Fintech Content Writers

How will you enable your marketing team to have the greatest chances of success when your writer turnover is high? Companies that can’t retain and motivate writers are the ones who can’t market their brand effectively nor become the thought leaders in their space.

The future of fintech is constantly evolving, and the best writers can adapt and deliver in this ever-changing environment. Being able to retain and motivate this talent is the responsibility of your business.

Here are some ways to keep the members of your content marketing team:

  • Offer competitive compensation
  • Give them access to technology that increases productivity
  • Compensate their professional education and learning opportunities
  • Allow them to offer their opinion on marketing strategies
  • Recognize their impact and success in the business
  • Create a positive work environment and culture

Research shows that retaining employees is cheaper than hiring new ones. The bottom line is that truly successful businesses in the future will keep the best talent which will positively affect their customers. This is the way.

Final Thoughts

Hiring high-quality talent that knows how to write about fintech concepts can be a challenge. However, following some basic guidelines, as we’ve gone through in this post, can save your company time and money.

Whether you’re looking to improve your marketing funnel, add to your SEO juice, enable an effective digital transformation, be a thought leader in the latest trends, or anything else, having top-tier fintech writers on staff is key.

Enable your fintech or financial services company to deliver the best content to your customers and prospects. How do you do that? Hire an awesome fintech content writer who can write compelling content that speaks to your audience and spread it far and wide.